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Mobile App Development

Mobie App Development

Mobile application development services at Ainotch, stand on continuous improvement and knowledge sharing to deliver high-quality products. For the sake of better quality across mobile software development projects, Ainotch holds regular meetings. These meetings focus on technology stack and architecture for new projects, help resolve disagreements, give recommendations on emerging technologies, and brainstorm on how to solve technical issues. Ainotch Technologies’ teams conduct internal audits for active projects to ensure that planned and committed architecture was sufficient for the projects’ initial requirements.

The entire mobile software development process is based on Agile and has clear and realistic milestones and iterative software development. It allows for faster bug fixing and continuous delivery. As a rule, each client is assigned a dedicated engineer who handles all administrative issues and takes full responsibility for hiring skilled team members. To achieve greater transparency in communication, Ainotch initiates regular comprehensive reporting on the current development status.

Manual and automated testing is a part of Ainotch’ software development cycle. Our engineers take time to test user interface, functionality, hybrid or native mobile app reliability, and security by running the application across real devices. So, our quality assurance engineers conduct potential threat analysis. They emulate real user scenarios from the application download to the interaction with third-party tools like PayPal.

Mobile software development is based on new technologies like Flutter and Kotlin, which allow speeding up application and scaling it up when required.

Technologies That We Use