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DevOps Services

DevOps Services

Ainotch Technologies DevOps services are experienced in helping clients to drive faster time to market at an overall lower cost of development whilst setting up an agile and high-quality production support environment. Our DevOps services can also offer clients hosted development, testing and production environments in the cloud.

If your development team spends more time on deployment than software development, that’s the first hint that you need DevOps as a service. DevOps developers can set up continuous deployment as a part of a continuous integration workflow. This way, code releases will happen seamlessly from endpoints. Facilitation of the deployment process becomes crucial during their agile iterations. Developers need to release software every two weeks, even if there are minor changes. With the help of the arranged environment, deploys, testing, and release to production can be provided automatically.

DevOps services can be included in as a part of an Ainotch Technologies software development project, or they can be added as a support service at Delivery stage. DevOps engineers automate the deployment process and help with automatic code testing. At the production stage, they automate system monitoring, create backup copies, and optimize processes to make software sustainable.

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